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Product Description:

  • PCA198-CXB is an Arcnet Card Manufactured By General Electric under Mark V Series.
  • As an IDOS to HMI Communication card, this component performs its purpose.
  • An 8-bit ARCNET Control Chip named PCA198-CXB has improved new functionality like command switching and sequential I/O mapping of the internal RAM buffer.
  • Computers that are ISA-compatible can connect to ARCNET local area networks using the PCA198 series of ARCNET network interface modules. 

ARCNET Interface Card Configuration

  • This configuration file must be compatible with the I processor’s hardware. The I processor will search for this file during startup time as the FARCNET.DAT file.
  • Each line in this file has one parameter. Any line that doesn’t start with a keyword is ignored. Any line with incorrect values for the specified parameter is dropped.
  • Tabs and leading/trailing blank spaces are permitted on parameter lines. Case is irrelevant within each line. Use blank spaces or tabs to demarcate the values of parameter keywords. The LF character must end each line.

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