IC3600AFGB1C1B – Function Generator PCB

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Manufacturer  :  GENERAL ELECTRIC


Series: Mark II

Title: IC3600AFGB1C1B – Function Generator PCB


Product Description:

  • IC3600AFGB1C1B is a Function Generator PCB Manufactured by General Electric Under Mark II Series.
  • The IC3600AFGB1C1B has the digits 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 stamped on one edge. A row of 25 distinct right-angled pins is positioned above these numbers in a line.  These pins connect the board to the Mark I or Mark II system’s wiring.
  • On the surface of the IC3600AFGB1C1B are four trim potentiometers. Trimmer resistors have two uses: variable resistance and circuit tuning, calibration, and adjustment.  
  • Eleven transistors of various designs are present on the board. One transistor has a heatsink attached to it. The board is constructed using a variety of resistor types, including metal film, wire wrapped, and carbon composite resistors.  
  • The numbers 2147845 500 5% 10W and 2147442 750 5% 10W are written on two substantial wire wrapped resistors (R38 and R39).   
  • The majority of the board’s capacitors are made of polyester vinyl.  It is important to note that many components have vertical mounting.

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