IC3600AFGA1D1B – Generator Board

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Manufacturer: General Electric


Ttitle: IC3600AFGA1D1B – Generator Board

Series: Mark II


Product Description:

  • IC3600AFGA1D1B is a Generator Board Manufactured by General Electric Under Mark II series.
  • It is identified by its unique board ID number, the codes “006/04,” “AB,” and the numerals 10/20/30/40.  25 right-angled pins are positioned underneath these final markings.
  • There are two integrated circuits used to construct the IC3600AFGA1D1B.  These two circuits both serve as amplifiers. Even in saturation, the circuits’ supply current is only 300A.
  • There are 12 transistors on the board.  The board employs a variety of transistor types, but silicon power transistors with complementary N-P-N and P-N-P architecture make up nine of them.
  • Two potentiometers are present on the IC3600AFGA1D1B.  Because they are trim potentiometers, these can be used to divide voltage. 
  • The circuit board contains a variety of resistor, diode, and capacitor kinds made of various materials.  
  • On the circuit board, the majority of the resistors are five-band carbon film resistors. The board has a bigger polyester vinyl as well as a number of miniature ceramic capacitors.Capacitor 47F +/- 10% 200VDC M/e 61F 2Q78.  


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