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Manufacturer: General Electric

Title: Arcnet Card



  • PCI20U-CXB is an Arcnet Card manufactured by General Electric.
  • The +5 power is no longer necessary because the PCI standard mandates that plug-in boards utilize a +3.3 V power source supplied by the PC’s motherboard.
  • Contemporary Controls responded to this trend by releasing a universal-voltage PCI ARCNET Network Interface Module (NIM) that works with both modern +3.3 Volt and legacy 5-Volt systems.
  • A drop-in replacement for the PCI20, a +5 V PCI card, the PCI20U product eliminates the need for the user to perform any work in order to switch to +3.3 V PCI or PCI-X slot motherboards.
  • This shows how dedicated the company is to ARCNET technology and to meeting the legacy installation needs of their clients.
  • The PCI20U Series takes advantage of the COM20022’s new features, such as 10 Mbps communications via different EIA-485 transceiver options.
  • These EIA-485 variations come in both DC-coupled and AC-coupled (transformer) varieties. Additionally supported is traditional 2.5 Mbps dipulse signaling.
  • Two LEDs are located on the PCI20U module’s board to monitor network activity and PCI bus access to the module.
  • It has an 8-position, all-purpose DIP switch that may be used to change the ARCNET node address without taking the module out of the circuit.


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