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Manufacturer: General Electric

Part No.: DS200TCDAG1A

Series: Mark V

Function: Digital I/O Board

Product Description:

  • General Electric created the DS200TCDAG2B Digital I/O Board. The digital I/O board is located in the digital I/O cores Q11, Q51, and Q21 if they are present (TCDA).
  • TCDA processes contact output (relay/solenoid) signals from the two TCRA boards, as well as digital contact input signals from the DTBA and DTBB terminal boards. The IONET sends signals to the TCQC board in R1, R2 if Q21 is installed, and the CTBA terminal board in R5.
  • When the General Electric Digital I/O Board is fitted and the drive is functioning, you can see the board cabinet and take a brief look at the board from outside the drive.
  • If the green LED light is illuminated and flashing, the board is running normally and no further action is required.
  • There are eight hardware jumpers on the TCDA board.
  • Use J1 and J8 for factory testing. J2 and J3 IONET termination resistors The IONET ID for the board is set using J4, J5, and J6. J7 activates the stall timer.
  • The HMI’s I/O Configuration Editor is used to insert software I/O configuration constants for the contact input inversions.
  • The TCDA board gets contact inputs from the DTBA and DTBB terminal boards through the JR and JQ connections. The circuitry on the TCDA board analyses the signals, times any state changes, and delivers them to the IONET through the JX1 (JX2) connection.
  • Using I/O configuration settings, software is utilized to flip the contact signals.

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