IC3600SIXJ1 – Power Supply Selector Control Card – UNUSED

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Part No.: IC3600SIXJ1

Manufacturer: General Electric(GE)

Series: Mark I & II



  • The IC3600SIXJ1 is a Power Supply Selector Control Card Manufactured By General Electric Under Mark I & II Series.
  • On the right part of the IC3600SIXJ1, there is one large silver metal plate that is positioned vertically on the PCB.
  • On the plate, there are two big switches, one on each end, and they are made of silver metal.
  • On the left side of the Power Supply Selector Control Card, there is a huge collection of ports that are dark brownish red in color.
  • 2 large solid orange capacitors, marked 8503(5) and 8512(5), are immediately adjacent to the metal plate on its right side.
  • On the PCB, 10 of these ports are located. Each is made up of two ports, each of which is labeled with the letter J, such as JD, JA, JB, JC, JK, and JE.
  • A series of eight resistors are located in the center of the IC3600SIXJ1 on the left side of the plate.
  • On the right, there are four solid black resistors and four solid yellow resistors. R5, R7, R6, R8, R3, R1, R4, and R2 are the labels for them.


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