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Manufacturer: General Electric

Series: Mark I&II


Product Description:

  • IC3600LIBB1 is a Input Buffer Card developed by General Electric to Use in Mark I&II Gas Turbine Systems.
  • This Input Buffer Card has the board identification number 003/02, 002/03, 006/03, and 68A988162 on it, as well as the codes 003/02, 002/03, 006/03, and 68A988162. “ADS” and “STAR” are also written on the board.
  • The  IC3600LIBB1 has eighteen transistors located on its surface.  These are placed in two lines of nine transistors. Each line is marked as a single component (one line is Q1, the other is Q2.) .
  • There is one polyester vinyl capacitor on the board, designated M/e 708D1 1Q79, and it is mounted to the board in a horizontal position.
  • A single line of metal pins is affixed to one edge of the IC3600LIBB1, and these components serve as a communication device.
  • The board also has nine aluminum electrolytic capacitors, all of which are labeled C1 and are mounted vertically on the board.


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