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Manufacturer: General Electric(GE)


Series: Mark I & II


Product Description:

  • IC3600EPSW1 is a regulator circuit board Developed by GE for their Mark I and Mark II series.
  • There are 8 tiny black half-circle transistors in the IC3600EPSW1 that are used to  change or enhance electronic signals or electrical power.
  • The IC3600EPSW1 contains 12 orange and black LEDs, 4 silver diodes, 3 dark red diodes, 1 light blue diode, 2 teal diodes, and 3 dark red diodes.
  • The IC3600EPSW1 has 2 large orange PCB mount electrolytic capacitors and 3 small yellow polypropylene capacitors.
  • It Contains 2 blue Potentiometers or Variable Resistors.
  • The IC3600EPSW1 includes twenty small light blue resistors, four average light blue resistors, and two large brown resistors.
  • It connects the circuit board to the established system using 50 metal male prongs.
  • Four red auxiliary ports with the labels “VOLTS +,” “Volts -,” “ADJ+,” and “Current -” are located on the face of the IC3600EPSW1.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 34 × 18 × 10 cm


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