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Manufacturer: General Electric

Part No.: DS3820AIQA

Series: Mark IV


Product Description:

  • DS3820AIQA is a Circuit board developed by GE for the Mark IV Turbine Series.
  • There are 32 large bright red LEDs, 16 large bright yellow diodes, and 65 small teal blue diodes in the DS3820AIQA.
  • The DS3820AIQA has 65 small light-colored resistors and 16 large black resistors, each of which has multiple rings of various colors rings.
  • The transistors on the Circuit Board are eleven small black half circles.
  • Each of the four little blue male connection terminals on the DS3820AIQA contains ten metal pins.
  • This Circuit Board contains 6 blue male connection terminals with 26 metal pins inside each terminal, which connect the DS3820AIQA to other circuit boards around it.
  • There are 8 large black rectangles on the DS3820AIQA. Between the black rectangles on the DS3820AIQA are 4 metal platforms.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 42 × 36 × 37 cm


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