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Manufacturer: General Electric(GE)


Series: Mark IV

Product Type: Input/Output Circuit Board


Product Description:

  • DS3800NTCF is a GE thermocouple card Manufactured by General Electric as part of Mark IV Series.
  • Thirteen of these thermocouple condition cards are used by the Mark IV to keep the turbine system’s temperature under control.
  • The DS3800NTCF features a resistor network, four potentiometers, and five jumper switches.
  • The codes 6DA00 and 6BA00 are printed on this card.
  • Thermocouple condition card has two PCB connectors.
  • Hex inverting gates, octal buffers and line drivers, and quad two-input positive-AND gates are among the eight circuits of the DS3800NTCF.
  • A series of polyester vinyl 708D1.0022 +/- 2% M/c 200V capacitors are used in the construction of the DS3800NTCF. Two lines of 8847C + m/c ss 47K + 10VDC capacitors are also present.  
  • There are numerous tiny ceramic capacitors on the PCB. Although some carbon composite resistors might be included on the board, most resistors are metal films covered with ceramic.
  • Eight circuits make up the DS3800NTCF, including quad two-input positive-AND gates, octal buffers and line drivers, and hex inverting gates.  


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