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Manufacturer  :  GENERAL ELECTRIC

Series  : Mark IV


Product Description:

  • DS3800HSAA is a Dom Plus Servo Amp Board Manufactured By General Electronics Under Mark IV Series.
  • DS3800HSAA has retaining levers on one end and a modular connector on the other.
  • A component is encircled by a heat sink on the board. 
  • The GE Dom Plus Servo Amp Board DS3800HSAA also features one 34-pin connector and one socket for electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM) modules.
  • Additionally, there are three trimmer resistors on the PCB.
  • The GE Dom Plus Servo Amp Board DS3800HSAA is also populated with a number of capacitors. You must exercise caution if you remove the board from the drive.
  • The drive must be completely unplugged in order to remove the board. Some power sources use ac current, whereas others use dc current.
  • The drive receives electricity from numerous sources, all of which need to be taken out. Use a full-featured testing tool to make sure that all power has been withdrawn from the drive before touching any of the components.
  • High-voltage current is present in the drive, and electric shock to the technician or bystanders could result in damage.


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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 34 × 32 × 10 cm


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