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Manufacturer: General Electric

Part No.: DS3820AIPA

Series: Mark IV


Product Description:

  • The DS3820AIPA is an ANA 10 module Developed By GE for Mark IV Gas Turbine series.
  • Around seventy teal diodes make up the DS3820AIPA, which only allow energy to flow in one direction around the circuit board.
  • The DS3820AIPA contains over a hundred resistors, each of which has multiple colored rings that represent the amount of energy the resistor can withstand.
  • There are thirteen blue male connection terminals on the DS3820AIPA. Twelve of the male terminal ports include twenty metal pins, while the thirteenth male terminal port contains only ten metal pins.
  • This Module has four white plastic male terminal ports with two to four gold colored metal pins each.
  • The female terminal port on the DS3820AIPA is small and red, with only two apertures.
  • The DS3820AIPA comprises seven huge black rectangles on top of which are twenty-six metal tabs.
  • Four metal fasteners are positioned between the black rectangles on the Module.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 42 × 36 × 37 cm


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