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Manufacturer  :  GENERAL ELECTRIC

Title  : FLD EXC. 20A (NR-NP)


Product Description:

  • DS2020FECNRX020A is a 20 A Field Exciter Board. It uses NRX non-reversing field supply (non-plugging). On each Set, there are seven Jumpers, two Terminal Blocks, and three Terminals.
  • The identities of the jumpers are JP1 through JP7. The GE Line Protection Board contains many prong-type connections as well. The connection IDs are P1C1, P1G1, P2G1, and N1CI.
  • The board is supported by standoffs on another drive component. The signal wires that connect to the board are generated by the component to which they are connected.
  • The DS2020FECNRX020A board and the component to which it is linked create heat and are designed to be connected to high-voltage power.
  • As a result, the drive must be installed in an environment that allows free-flowing air to cool the drive and its components. 
  • Once installed, you will observe if the drive remains cool or whether the drive temperature causes it to breach the high-temperature threshold and shut down.
  • There are several factors to consider when deciding where to place the drive.
  • Check for an emergency shutdown device near the power supply. If the operator, servicer, or maintenance staff faces an emergency situation, a shutdown mechanism that may disconnect all power to the drive must be available.
  • Because the drive will have several power sources, it is important to have shut down devices for all of them.
  • Another consideration is that all 3-prong outlets be installed in the surrounding area due to the risk of shock from groundless power cables and equipment.


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