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Manufacturer: General Electric(GE)

Series: Mark V

Product Type: Field Exciter Board


Product Description:

  • DS2020FECNRP015A is a Field Exciter 15A Board.
  • This component is manufactured for use in Mark V turbine control Systems.
  • Seven jumpers and two terminal blocks with three terminals each are present on the board. The numbers for the jumpers are JP1 through JP7.
  • On the DS2020FECNRP015A board, there are also a number of prong-type connectors.
  • On another drive component, the board is mounted using standoffs.
  • The component to which they are linked produces the signal wires that connect to the board.
  • The two fuses on the DS2020FECNRP015A board must be taken into account when replacing or troubleshooting the board.
  • Taking the necessary measures when maintaining the board is also great practice.
  • Only when a specified voltage is introduced to the board will the fuses on it blow. The components are unaffected by lower voltage.
  • If more energy is added, though, it could harm the parts and burst fuses, which would shut down the board. This safeguards the components from damage.
  • Fuse replacements must match the rating specified in the factory’s written documentation. To ensure that the drive is only down shortly while the fuse is changed, it is best to keep an extra supply of fuses on hand.


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