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Manufacturer: General Electric


Product Type: Power Supply Board

Series: Mark V


Product Description:

  • DS200UPSAG1A is a Power Supply Board Manufactured by General Electric under Mark V Series.
  • The UPSA power supply board contains several switches, LEDs, a potentiometer (pot), and I/O power.
  • The UPSA board is a 100 W, 2-stage offline switching power supply that accepts either direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) line input and produces control-level voltages.
  • 3 fuses, 1 LED, and 1 reset button are all present on the DS200UPSAG1A. Moreover, there are test points, several capacitors, and three 9-pin connectors on the GE EX2000 Power Supply Board DS200UPSAG1A.
  • The three fuses on the GE EX2000 Power Supply Board DS200UPSAG1A are intended to guard against over-current.
  • That is, a fuse or several fuses will blow and shut down the circuit the fuse is protecting if an irregular current or overcurrent is present in the board.
  • Checking the fuses to see whether any are blown is a straightforward task. But it’s crucial to remember that each fuse connector needs to have a fuse with the right rating placed.
  • On the GE EX2000 Power Supply Board DS200UPSAG1A, a number of capacitors are populated, where they typically store and release high-voltage current.


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