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  • IS220PSVOH1A is a Mark VIe series Servo Control Pack. This component was created by GE for their Mark VI or Mark VIe systems. Both of these systems control steam and gas turbine systems.
  • The IS220PSVOH1A is an electrical interface that links one or two I/O Ethernet networks to a TSVO servo terminal board.
  • The IS220PSVOH1A uses the WSVO servo driver module to operate two servo valve position loops.
  • The PSVO comes with a front faceplate with numerous LED indicators. Four LEDs, including a Power and Attn LED and two ENA1/2 LEDs, show the status of the two Ethernet networks (ENet1/Enet2). On the front, there’s also a single infrared port, although it’s not used in this pack.
  • The Control System Toolbox program is used to configure the IS220PSVOH1A after it has been installed. The kit includes a CPU board with input power connections, a local power supply, and an internal temperature sensor.
  • There is also flash memory and RAM on the board. This board is linked to purchase board
  • The IS220PSVOH1A can be auto-reconfigured when it is replaced. This capability may be enabled or deactivated in the Component Editor of the ToolboxST program.
  • The operator can also reconfigure the module manually using the Component Editor.
  • When a terminal board is replaced, the I/O pack must be manually adjusted. Manually striking the actuator, position ramping, or step current can all be employed to verify servo performance.
  • The trend recorder will highlight any anomalies in the actuator stroke.


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