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Series: Mark VI


Product Description:

  • IS200VTURH2B is a VME TURBINE CARD Manufactured By General Electric Under Mark VI Series. 
  • The IS200VTURH2B Serves a number of purposes as a Primary Turbine Protection board, including monitoring shaft and voltage current as well as Geiger-Mueller flame detectors.
  • To keep these functionalities functioning, the board monitors four-speed inputs from passive magnetic sensors.
  • Flame detectors can assist identify whether carbon buildup or other pollutants are impairing the system’s ability to detect light.
  • The faceplate of the IS200VTURH2B is double-wide.
  • There are not many parts in this faceplate, however there are three LED indicators and cable connectors. Three screws hold the faceplate to the edge of the front board.
  • The IS200VTURH2B includes additional connectors in addition to two backplane connectors.
  • On the front and back of the board, there are thirteen transistors, inductor coils, resistors, and capacitors.
  • The board has an additional backplane on an auxiliary board that is connected to it using four standoffs.
  • The board contains integrated circuits such as oscillation chips, FPGAs, SRAM and RAM chips.


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