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Manufacturer: General Electric(GE)

Series: Mark VI


Product Description:

  • IS200VAOCH1C is a VME Analog Output Card Manufactured by General Electric for their Mark VI Systems.
  • The board, which is accommodated in a VME rack, connects to the controller via the VME backplane and receives digital values from it. These digital values are then converted to analog output currents and sent to the terminal board of the VAOC, where they are measured and then fed back to the VAOC for control.
  • A second-generation VAOC board with higher load resistance on the first eight output circuits is what the component is, it should be mentioned. This makes it possible to operate with an 800 load resistance as opposed to 500 for the other eight output circuits.
  • There are multiple connectors, including two backplanes, on the PCB’s board surface. In the front right corner of the board, there are sixteen relays. Each of these components comes with a relay diagram.
  • There are several different kinds of integrated circuits on the board’s surface, including oscillation chips, FPGAs (field programmable gate arrays), and SRAM chips. It includes different resistance/capacitance capacitors, diodes, and resistors built of different materials.
  • Three screw connectors hold the faceplate to the board, which has a faceplate. Three LED components with the labels Run, Fail, and Status are included on the faceplate. These LEDs are in the following colors: green, red, and orange.


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