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  • IS200VTCCH1C is a GE Mark VI Thermocouple Processor Board. The thermocouple processor board VTCC takes 24 thermocouple inputs of type E, J, K, S, or T. These inputs are linked to two terminal blocks on the TBTC terminal board. Cables with molded connections link the terminal board to the VME rack, which holds the VTCC thermocouple processing board. The TBTC may give control in both simplex (TBTCH1C) and triple module redundancy (TMR) modes (TBTCHIB).
  • The 24 thermocouple inputs on the TBTC can be grounded or unground. They may be situated up to 300 m (984 ft) from the turbine control cabinet and have a maximum two-way cable resistance of 450. There is high-frequency noise suppression as well as two cold junction reference devices on the terminal board. Individual thermocouple types are software linearized by VTCC. To minimize harmful impacts on other input channels, any thermocouple determined to be outside of the hardware limitations is deleted from the scanned inputs.
  • To correct for cold junctions, if both cold junction devices are within their configurable limitations, the average of the two is utilized. Only one cold junction device is utilized for compensating if it falls within the configurable limitations. The default value is utilized if neither cold junction device passes the customizable restrictions.
  • The thermocouple and cold junction inputs are automatically calibrated using the filtered calibration reference and zero voltages. The VTCC specifies two cold junction references, one for connector J3 and one for connector J4.
  • Each reference might be local or remote (from the VME bus). Following that, all references are considered as sensor inputs (for example, averaged, limits configured). Both the local and distant references can be blended. Cold junction signals enter signal space and are observable.
  • Typically, the average of the two is utilized. Limits are established, and if a cold junction exceeds the limit, a logic signal is created. A one-degree Fahrenheit difference in cold junction compensation causes a one-degree Fahrenheit difference in TC reading.

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