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Manufacturer:  General Electric

Series: Mark VI


Product Description:

  • IS200TRTDH1C is a RTD TERMINAL CD-SIMPLEX VERSION Manufactured by General Electric Under Mark VI Series.
  • RTD Input terminal board functionality is provided by the IS200TRTDH1C.
  • The board’s physical components include two terminal blocks with 24 screw connections each, two female 37-pin cable connectors, and a row of capacitors.
  • The circuit board has the code 6BA00. The left edge, directly to the side of the terminal blocks, has a shield bar fastened to it.
  • The board includes many notches along one edge and two oval cuts with factory drilling for screw mounts.
  • Via two cable connections, the IS200TRTDH1C communicates with the VRTD board.
  • The TRTD inputs are transformed by the I/O board into temperature values (in digital form), which are then sent to the controller. As a simplex board, the IS200TRTDH1C does not support TMR applications.
  • There are no hardware settings or jumpers on the IS200TRTDH1C. The board does, however, provide hardware limit checking based on high/low preset settings.


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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 34 × 32 × 18 cm


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