IS200TRLYH1F – Relay Output Terminal Board

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Manufacturer  :  GENERAL ELECTRIC

Series: Mark VI

Title: IS200TRLYH1F – Relay Output Terminal Board


Product Description:

  • IS200TRLYH1F is a terminal board for relay output that uses TMR contact voting Manufactured by General Electric Under Mark VI Series.
  • There are 36 relays in total on the board, with 12 sealed relays in each TMR segment.  
  • A voted Form-A (NO) contact is formed by the contacts from R/S/T. The board may run on 115 V or 24/125 V dc power.   
  • The fact that this board does not support simplex applications should be noted.
  • Additionally, the board lacks power distribution, however a power distribution board is an optional addition.
  • The VGEN, VCRC, or VCCC board is responsible for controlling the IS200TRLYH1F.   36 sealed relays (already mentioned), 2 terminal boards (TB1 and TB2), 3 DC-37 pin connections (JR1/JS1/JT1), and 2 DC-64 pin connectors (J1 and J2) that all link to optional daughterboards for power distribution make up its populace. 
  • On-board relay drivers operate relays at the required frame rate.
  • There are no hardware settings or jumpers on the IS200TRLYH1F.  
  • The board is subjected to a number of diagnostic tests, including reading the board’s ID chip for mismatches and measuring the voltage to each relay coil and across each solenoid power supply.

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