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Manufacturer:  General Electric

Series: Mark VI


Product Description:

  • IS200TRLYH1B is a Termination Relay Card Manufactured by General Electric Under Mark VI Series.
  • The IS200TRLYH1B is a long, rectangular-shaped circuit board that is a part of General Electric’s (GE) Speedtronic Mark VI series.
  • 12 plug-in magnetic relays are stored in IS200TRLYH1B.
  • The first six relay circuits can be configured using jumpers to drive external solenoids or dry, Form-C contact outputs.
  • For field solenoid power, a standard 125 V dc or 115/230 V ac source, as well as an optional 24 V dc source, can be offered with individual jumper selectable fuses and on-board suppression.
  • The next five relays, numbered 7 through 11, are unpowered, isolated Form-C contacts. An isolated Form-C contact is used on output 12 for particular applications like ignition transformers.
  • TRLY is managed by the VCCC or VCRC board in Mark VI systems. 
  • Systems in both simplex and TMR are supported. TMR systems use plugs JR1, JS1, and JT1, while simplex systems use plug JA1.
  • There are twenty-four (24) silver metal terminals in each terminal block. There are forty-eight (48) terminals in all.
  • On the right edge of the IS200TRLYH1B, there are four (4) connector ports.


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