IS200TGENH1A – Terminal Board Generator Monitor

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Manufacturer  :  GENERAL ELECTRIC

Series: Mark VI

Title: IS200TGENH1A– Terminal Board Generator Monitor


Product Description:

  • IS200TGENH1A is a Terminal Board Generator Monitor Manufactured by General Electric Under Mark VI Series.
  • One (1) long, black terminal block is present on the IS200TGENH1A, and it is located in the upper left corner of the PCB. 
  • Three (3) smaller, black terminal blocks are arranged in a row along the board’s bottom half beneath the larger block. Relays or contactors, which are four (4) substantial square parts, are located directly in the center of the IS200TGENH1A.
  • These relays have a yellow center on a black background. A group of at least six (6) metal oxide varistors, also known as MOVs, is located directly to the left of the relays. 
  • Solid red and round describe each metal oxide varistor. On the lower half of the IS200TGENH1A, three (3) white, circular inductors—also known as coils—are arranged vertically. 
  • These inductors are made of a wire coil that has been clothed with white. The IS200TGENH1A has three (3) connector ports lined up along the right edge.
  • These are identified as JT1, JS1, and JR1 and have tiny female connectors. The IS200TGENH1A’s upper half is made up of numerous vertical rows of tiny parts. 
  • On the right side, a vertical row of four (4) black transistors with half-circles as their shape has been arranged. In this location are two (2) rows of four (4) red jumpers each. Three (3) metal jumper pins are connected by each jumper. 

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