IS200TFBAH1A – Temperature Feedback Module

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Series: Mark VI

Title: IS200TFBAH1A – Temperature Feedback Module


Product Description:

  • IS200TFBAH1A is a Temperature Feedback Module Manufactured By General Electric Under Mark VI Series.
  • A large printed circuit board called the IS200TFBAH1A has a square shape. There are numerous electronic components on this PCB.
  • A transformer, which is a big, black component on the IS200TFBAH1A, is the part that stands out the most. This transformer has a cube-like shape. 
  • This transformer has a white label affixed to the side of it.
  • The right edge of the IS200TFBAH1A has a row of jumper pins. Large and constructed of silver metal, these pins are. They are fixed on a sheet of gray plastic.
  • The label on this pair of jumpers reads “J3.” There are multiple black integrated circuits in the IS200TFBAH1A. 
  • On the bottom part of the IS200TFBAH1A is a sizable integrated circuit that is square in shape.
  • On the right half of the IS200TFBAH1A, there are two (2) more tiny integrated circuits. Directly in the heart of the IS200TFBAH1A is a sizable silver capacitor with a square shape.


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