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Manufacturer: General Electric

Series: Mark VI


Product Description:

  • IS200TBTCH1C is a GE Mark VI Thermocouple Input (TBTC) terminal board Manufactured By General Electric.
  • The IS200TBTCH1C accepts 24 type-E, J, K, S, or T inputs, which are wired into two barrier-type terminal blocks situated on the board’s leading edge.
  • Due to its two DC-type connectors, the “1C” version of this board is only suitable for simplex applications.
  • The IS200TBTCH1C is attached to a metal frame that protects the board’s edges. This includes putting a shield bar ground in front of the terminal blocks on the left edge of the board.
  • The board features two female cable connectors (JA1 and JB1) that link to the VME rack’s I/O processors.
  • Inductor beads (ferrite beads) are also used to populate the board.
  • On the board, there are 100 capacitors, over eighty resistors, and four integrated circuits.
  • The thermocouple inputs on this board can be grounded or ungrounded, which is one of its features.
  • The distance between the inputs and the turbine control panel can reach up to 984 feet.
  • For each of the separate thermocouple inputs, the connected I/O processor on this device will carry out the analog-to-digital linearization and conversions.
  • The IS200TBTCH1C board’s thermocouple inputs provide a wide input range, ranging from negative eight volts to as high as positive forty-five volts.
  • This board features cold connectors that have a theoretical operating temperature range of – 22 to 139 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • By entering the signal space, it is possible to monitor the cold junctions, or CJ, signals.


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