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Manufacturer  :  GENERAL ELECTRIC

Series: Mark VI



Product Description:

  • IS200TBTCH1BBB is a THERMOCOUPLE TERMINAL BOARD Manufactured By General Electric under Mark VI Controls Systems.
  • There are various electronic components on the rectangular IS200TBTCH1BBB circuit board, ranging in size from very large to very microscopic.
  • The two (2) very big black terminal blocks are the most noticeable parts of the IS200TBTCH1BBB. Each of the two terminal blocks has a set of twenty-four cube-shaped silver metal terminals inside of it.
  • On the IS200TBTCH1BBB, a white number has been printed next to each terminal in order to identify them all. The IS200TBTCH1BBB has two jack connection ports that are silver and black in color, which are the next most conspicuous parts.
  • JA1 and JB1 are the labels for the connector ports at the top and bottom, respectively. Near the center of the IS200TBTCH1BBB on the right side are two (2) long lines of capacitors marked with the letter L.
  • These incredibly tiny parts have silver bodies with black bands. There is a row of extremely tiny solid-silver capacitors immediately to the left of these silver capacitors. 
  • The IS200TBTCH1BBB has two (2) long lines of tiny blue resistors in the color blue in the center. Between these rows of resistors, there is another long series of tiny silver capacitors. 

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