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Manufacturer:  General Electric

Series: Mark VI



Product Description:

  • IS200TBTCH1BAA is a THERMOCOUPLE TERMINAL BOARD Manufactured by General Electric Under Mark VI Series.
  • The IS200TBTCH1BAA is a sizable rectangular circuit board that houses a variety of electronic parts, such as ports, terminals, resistors, and capacitors.
  • Along the left edge of the IS200TBTCH1BAA are two sizable terminal blocks that are solid black and each include twenty-four terminals.
  • These terminals are square-shaped and constructed of silver metal. The numbers one through forty-eight in white print are used to identify each of these terminals. They are designated as TB1 and TB2, respectively. 
  • There are two (2) jack connection ports along the right edge of the IS200TBTCH1BAA that can be used to attach additional parts or boards to the IS200TBTCH1BAA.
  • The connector port at the top is designated as JA1, and the port below it is designated as JB1. The IS200TBTCH1BAA is divided into two (2) distinct groups of very small parts.
  • There are five (5) vertical rows of components in each of these groups. A row of blue and white resistors is located on the left. 
  • There is another row of tiny silver capacitors directly to the right of this one. On the right, the same rows of capacitors and resistors are repeated. 
  • On the right side, there is a long row of parts designated by the letter L.


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