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Manufacturer: GE


Series: Mark VI


Product Description:

  • IS200TBCIH2B is a terminal board Manufactured by General Electric. 
  • GE created this as a terminal board Contact Input with Group Isolation.
  • The GE Mark VI makes use of I/O cards designed for general-purpose input/output as well as application-specific I/O boards.
  • In systems lacking a mechanical Overspeed bolt, a trip command can be given from the main processor card or the backup protection module.
  • Both VCRC and VTCC boards are interchangeable. There are twenty-four dry contact inputs on this terminal board.
  • The terminal board’s two-terminal blocks are linked to the 24 contact inputs. These barrier-type blocks TB1 and TB2 are designed for easy removal and maintenance.
  • This circuit board is resistant to high-frequency noise and surges.
  • To protect against high-frequency noise, contact inputs have noise reduction circuitry. The IS200TBCIH2B is one of several three-terminal board Contact Input with Group Isolation options. This board has 24 contact inputs.
  • IS200TBCIH2B has a nominal floating excitation voltage of 24 volts direct current and an operating voltage range of 16 to 32 volts direct current.
  • IS200TBCIH2B features two power plug connections, JE1 and JE2. Its power source is 125 V dc. There are three D-type connections on this board. The board is 13 x 4 inches.
  • Onboard diagnostics include excitation voltage monitoring, hardware incompatibility, and failsafe states for open connections.
  • It can operate in temperatures ranging from -22 degrees Fahrenheit to 149 degrees Fahrenheit. There are no jumpers present on this board.


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