IS200EXTBG1A – Mark VI Speedtronic Control Cards – REFURBISHED

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Part Number: IS200EXTBG1A

Manufacturer: General Electric(GE)

Series: Mark VI



  • GE IS200EXTBG1A Speedtronic Control Cards are used in EX2100 excitation modules for field flashing & protection functions, developed by GE to Use in Mark VI Gas Turbine Systems.
  • Contact inputs, signal conditioning circuits, and pilot relay contact outputs are all supported.
  • The board uses cabled connections to connect to the EMIO board through the EBKP backplane.
  • On the surface of the IS200EXTBG1A, there are 10 relays.
  • The board is designed to hold up to thirteen relays, but the remaining three slots—marked on the board—are empty.
  • These relays are labeled for use with M1 or M2 power supply, as well as C.
  • There are also seven different-sized female plugs on the board.
  • Box capacitors, ceramic capacitors, and electrolytic capacitors are all examples of capacitors. CCRs or metal film resistors are the most common types of resistors.
  • There are nine integrated circuits in the IS200EXTBG1A, as well as two conduction sensors.


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