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Manufacturer: General Electric (GE)

Series: Mark VI

Product Type: Printed Circuit Board


Product Description:

  • IS200HSLAH2A is a Printed Circuit Board that works as a HS SLR LNK Interface.
  • This component is manufactured for use in Mark VI turbine control Systems.
  • It has components on both of the board’s surfaces. This board has two jack inputs and outputs integrated into its top surface. These are placed side by side along the board’s short edge.
  • Two transformers on the board have the label Halo TG 110-EO 50N5.
  • 6 inductor coils, more than 150 resistors, more than 100 capacitors, and several transistors are also included on this board.
  • Over twenty integrated circuits are used to build the board, including an FPGA (field programmable gate array) at U1.
  • Two extra (female) connectors, more transistors, resistors, and capacitors are located at the bottom of the board.
  • The board has many conduction sensors built into it and is stamped with the code FA/00 in one corner.


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Dimensions 11 × 8 × 2 cm


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