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Manufacturer: General Electric

Part No.: DS3800NPSK

Series: Mark IV



  • The DS3800NPSK is a power supply circuit board that is designed by GE to use in the Mark IV turbine control system.
  • Two large inductors, also known as coils, are featured close to the center of the DS3800NPSK and These are coils of wires which are covered in plastic.
  • Two (2) large silver capacitors are directly close to these inductors and are positioned upright on the DS3800NPSK.
  • Two (2) diodes are positioned on either side of the inductors, and these diodes are large and constructed of metal.
  • Two (2) blue-colored potentiometers can also be found on the DS3800NPSK. Each one contains a dial that can be used to alter the component’s resistance.
  • Four test points are located near the metal plate on the DS3800NPSK, allowing the user to inspect the board for problems.

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Dimensions 34 × 32 × 10 cm


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