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The General Electric Speedtronic Mark V DS2020DACAG2 is a Speedtronic legacy series Power Conversion Module. The DS2020DACAG2 item number is also known as a transformer assembly. This DACA has the ability to convert VAC power to VDC power. This module may be utilized with the primary power supply whether or not a battery backup is used. It can also help the control system when it loses power by giving some extra local energy storage, allowing it to ride through for a longer period of time. This module is unable to perform diagnostics on its own. It can’t even keep track of the levels of its input and output.

These functions will be handled by a separate device within the power distribution system. The DACA should only be used in situations where corrosive and combustible elements are not present. It should also only be used between -30 and +65 degrees Celsius, with a non-condensing humidity of 5-95 percent.

With the assistance of specialised brackets and bolts, the DS2020DACAG2 may be floor mounted in the drive cabinet. The DACA comes with four brackets, and using bolts to help fix it to the floor ensures that it is securely secured.

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 42 × 36 × 37 cm


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