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Manufacturer: General Electric


Product Type: Power Distribution Module

Series: Mark V


Product Description:

  • DS200TCPDG2B is a power distribution circuit board Manufactured By General Electric under Mark V Series.
  • This is mainly used in Gas Turbine Control Systems.
  • Eight toggle switches, 36 fuses, and four signal wire connections are included in this circuit board.
  • DS200TCPDG2B also has 36 OK LEDs and a 10-pin connector.
  • This Distribution Module Produces 125 VDC power.
  • Choosing which signal wires to connect to the terminals is not necessary in order to replace the board. 
  • DS200TCPDG2B only requires that the installer connect the same wires to the identical terminals on the replacement board. 
  • First, look at the signal wire terminals; you’ll see that each terminal has an ID. AC1N, AC1H, AC2N, and AC2H are the IDs. 
  • Each wire should be marked with the terminal ID that it is connected to. Use a tag that will be difficult to remove off the wire.
  • A screw holds the wires in the terminal to keep them there. . To remove the screw and release the signal wire, use a screwdriver. 
  • Repeat this procedure for each signal wire that is connected to a terminal. Open the terminals by loosening the screws before installing the signal wires. 
  • Place the wires in place, then tighten the screws. To make sure the signal wire is secure, give it a light tug.


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