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Manufacturer  :  General Electric

Series: Mark V


Product Description  :

  • DS2020DACAG1  is a TRSFRMR ASMBL Manufactured By General Electric under Mark V Series.
  • The DS2020DACAG1’s main job is to switch the Excitation Controller DACA power supply module’s alternating current (AC) power source to a direct current (DC) power source.
  • The 115 volt alternating current (VAC) power source will be changed to 125 volts of directing current (VDC) as you use the DACA module.
  • If a larger power supply is required to reliably operate the controller, two DACA modules can be coupled to an exciter power distribution model.
  • The DACA model with a battery source will give the EPDM a redundant current of 125 VDC.
  • The power supply for your controller will have a nominal 120 VAC and a maximum A RMS supply of ten as long as one DACA module is attached to the controller of your choice; this will be the appropriate controller power. 
  • There is no difference between using the DS2020DACAG1 board in a simplex control mode or a redundant control mode; the rectified AC power will always go to the GPA power choice, regardless of how the DS2020DACAG1 board is utilized. 

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Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 42 × 36 × 37 cm


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