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The GE DS200TCQCG1A Analog IO Expander Board is part of the Mark V series. The Analog IO Expander board scales and conditions additional analog signals read from the terminal boards of the I/O cores (TCQC). The TCQC board is in charge of LVDT and LVDR excitation. The IONET termination for Q11 and P1 is located on the TCQC board in the R1 core. If the optional 21 is installed, that IONET termination is on the TCQC in R2.

The TCQC board scales and qualifies the mA input for the megawatt transducer signal before sending it to the STCA board via the 19PL connection. The pulse rate inputs are scaled and conditioned on the TCQC board.

In most cases, the high pressure shaft speed signals, as well as the liquid fuel flow signals, are scaled on the TCQC board and sent to the TCQA board through the JE connection in the R1 core. The TCQC board connects to the STCA board through the JE connection to send generator and line signals.

The servo output current range is set using the first 16 hardware jumpers on the TCQC board. The odd-numbered jumpers select the source output resistance, whereas the even-numbered jumpers select the feedback scaling. Hardware jumpers 25 through 36 give additional feedback scaling options for servos 1 through 4, giving them a maximum current range of +/- 240 mA. BJ17 configures the RS232 port for card testing. BJ21 activates the stall timer.

The TCQC board has no software configuration.

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