DS200TCPSG1A – REFURBISHED -Power Supply Card

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Manufacturer  :  GENERAL ELECTRIC


Series: Mark V


Product Description:

  • DS200TCPSG1A is a DC power supply board Manufactured by General Electric Under Mark V Series. 
  • The DS200TCPSG1A Power Supply Board (TCPS) is located in R and each of the four IO cores convert 125 V dc power from PD to the required voltage levels.
  • Items such as servo valve current outputs, RTD power supply voltages, mA output power supply voltages, and microprocessor power supply voltages are examples.
  • Each of the four cores comprises a power supply board that transforms 125 VDC electricity from the power distribution to the needed voltage level. 
  • The TCPS has an input voltage of 125 VDC and output voltages of +5 VDC, +24 VDC, +/- 15 VDC, and +/- 24 VDC. 
  • The Power Supply Board has three fuses, a 16-pin connection, and a 9-pin connector. There are also many test points.
  • On the TCPS boards, there are no software or hardware jumpers.
  • 2PL – Distributes power supply voltages to many boards in a daisy chain fashion. Connector J1 sends 125 V dc power from the TCPD board in the PD core to the TCPS board. 
  • The Power Supply Board contains six connectors. The connectors include J1, JC, JP1, JP2, X1, J1, and 2PL.
  • For the TCQC board in cores R1, R2, and R3 and the TCCA board in core R5 power supply diagnostics, JC distributes power supply voltages.
  • JP1 – Distributes power supply voltages to the AAHA boards in the R core and the TCDA boards in the digital cores Q11, Q21, and Q51. JP2 = JP1. JP1 and JP2 can both be used. X1 CCOM bus connection.
  • The TCPS boards lack any hardware jumpers or software customizations. Installation To replace a fuse, turn off the power to the drive.
  • The competent servicer who replaces the drive must be familiar with it and understand how to properly separate it from power. Before working on the board, the drive must be checked to ensure there is no power.
  • The ability to change fuses without removing the board is dependent on how the board is mounted and how accessible it is. 
  • If required, remove the four screws securing the board to the metal board rack with a screwdriver. A screw holds the board’s corners together.

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