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Series: Mark V

Product Type: Emergency Over Speed Board


Product Description:

  • DS200TCEAG2B is a TC200 EMERGENCY OVER from the General Electric Mark V Series that is used in gas turbine control systems.
  • One CPU and sockets for several erasable programmable read-only memory (EPROM) modules are features of the DS200TCEAG2B.
  • The test points allow a service technician with the right tools to examine the board’s circuitry. Every test point has a unique ID. The test points have IDs like ANALOG OUTPUT, COM, P5, JW, and RESET among others. 
  • If you think the board isn’t working properly, circuit testing is a useful troubleshooting tool.
  • The array of LED lights located on the board’s side serves as another diagnostic tool. When the board is mounted in the drive board rack cabinet, it is apparent.
  • If the board is receiving power and is operating if the green LED is lighted. When the board is flashing, it means everything is running smoothly.
  • If the LED is not illuminated, the board is not getting power or is not functioning, respectively.
  • The DS200TCEAG2B analyzes flame detection trip signals in addition to overspeed trip signals.
  • With its 80196 microprocessor and berg type jumpers, the DS200TCEAG2B may be programmed to the P core.

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