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Manufacturer: General Electric


Series: Mark V

Function: Analog Input Output


Product Description:

  • DS200TCCBG3B is a Mark V Speedtronic TC2000 Analog I/O Board Manufactured by General Electric.
  • The major purpose of this is to scale and condition additional I/O signals.
  • Equipped with a single microprocessor(80196) and multiple PROM modules.
  • Additionally, it has two 50-pin connectors and one LED. From the side view of the board, the LED is visible. The 50-pin connectors’ IDs are JCC and JDD.
  • 3 Jumpers available on this Board.
  • Through its 3PL connector, DS200TCCBG3B transmits scaled and conditioned signals to the STCA board. The TBCB terminal board’s analog I/O signals are read by DS200TCCBG3B.
  • The R5 core of the DS200TCCBG3B receives power from the TCPS board via the 2PL connector.
  • To connect the RS-232 serial port for DS200TCCBG3B to DCOM, use hardware jumper J14 on the device.
  • When the GE I/O TC2000 Analog Board DS200TCCBG3B is inserted in the drive, the green LED that is visible from the board cabinet while the drive is functioning can be used to determine the state of the board. 
  • The LED illuminates when the board is turned on. If the LED is not lit, either the board is not processing or it is not receiving power. 
  • You can utilize the drive diagnostic tools to learn more about the root of the issue if the LED is not lit.


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