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Manufacturer: General Electric(GE)


Product Type: Common Extended Analog I/O Board

Series: Mark V



  • The DS200TCCBG8B is a General Electric Mark V Series Common Extended Analog I/O Board used in LM turbine control systems.
  • The Common Extended Analog I/O Board (TCCB) scales and conditions extra analog I/O signals read from the P1 core’s TCEB board and the R5 core’s TBCB terminal board.
  • The line current inputs, RTDs, generator and bus voltage inputs, and 420 mA/01 mA inputs are all part of this set of signals. The STCA board receives the scaled and conditioned signals through the 3PL connection.
  • The hardware jumpers J1, J2, J3, J4, and J5 provide the Mark V LM’s generator and bus voltage monitoring features, as well as the line current monitoring function. DCOM is connected to the RS232 serial port via hardware jumper J14.
  • Hardware jumpers J15 and J16 are utilized for testing. Appendix A and the operator interface’s hardware jumper screen include information on the hardware jumper settings for this board.
  • For the RTDs, mA inputs, generator, bus voltage, and line current settings, I/O configuration constants are entered in the I/O Configuration Editor available on the HMI, as detailed below.
  • The TCCB board provides the circuitry for the 4-20 mA and 0-1 mA input signals. The signals from the TBCB terminal board are read via the JHH connection.
  • As the transducer current is lowered through a load resistor, the voltage drop is detected by the TCCB board and written to the I/O Engine via the 3PL connection. The TBCB terminal board’s hardware jumpers are used to choose the current range of the input signals.
  • The circuitry that draws excitation for the RTDs from the TBCB terminal board is located on the TCCB board. The resistance changes as the temperature changes, causing the voltage on the RTD to vary.
  • The RTD is supplied a steady current. The TCCB board measures, scales, and adjusts the voltages. The RTD signals from the TBCB terminal board are read by the TCCB board through the JCC and JDD connections.
  • The TCCB board uses the 3PL connection to send signals to the I/O Engine. The RTD type is determined by the I/O configuration variables.

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