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Manufacturer: General Electric

Series: Mark V



Product Description:

  • DS200TBQBG1ACB is a RST ANALOG TERMINATION BOARD Manufactured By General Electric Under Mark V series.
  • Two terminal blocks are present on the DS200TBQBG1ACB. There are 77 connections for signal cables on each block.
  • 15 jumpers, 3 34-pin connectors, and 3 16-pin connectors are also included on the GE RST Analog Termination Board (DS200TBQBG1ACB).
  • Copper signal wires are connected to the board using the 154 terminals. The drive’s other parts and circuit boards are connected to the signal lines, and the board receives the signals for processing.
  • Other boards and driving components can get some signals from the signal cables as well. The signals that connect to each terminal are documented in the paperwork that came with the original board from the manufacturer. You can use that knowledge to determine which terminal each signal wire should be connected to when installing the original board.
  • ID TB1 is given to a single terminal block. The ID TB2 is given to the additional terminal block. Every terminal is given a number ID within each terminal block. Therefore, the terminal block ID and the terminal’s numerical value should be used to identify a particular terminal. For instance, TB1 66 designates Terminal Block 1’s Terminal 66.
  • Use the terminal IDs to determine where to connect the signal wires on the replacement board when you are getting ready to replace the board. Attach the IDs—written on masking tape or a tag—to the signal lines. To separate them from the terminals, use a screwdriver. Then, place the signal wire’s bare copper end into the replacement board’s terminal, and tighten the screws to secure it.

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