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Series: Mark V


Product Description:

  • DS200TBCBG1A  is a ANALOG TERMINATION CARD Manufactured By General Electric Under Mark V Series.
  • Together with other I/O control boards, the DS200TBCBG1A can be placed within a Mark V turbine control cabinet.
  • An I/O control section has a total of 9 slots, and the TBCB board normally occupies one of the larger slots beneath a group of 5 smaller boards.
  • RTD and 4-20 mA Input are additional names for the DS200TBCBG1A. (TBCB). The R5 core is where this board operates.
  • This board transmits the input signals it receives to the TCCB board, where they are written on the board using those signals. Moreover, the R5 core contains the TCCB board.
  • Eight of the usual input signals can be changed to 0-1 mA input signals in total.
  • The DS200TBCBG1A has hardware configurations but no particular software that needs to be configured.
  • The DCOM must be wired using the BJ1 to BJ22 input signals. The conversion of signals 15–22 into the 0–1mA current range takes place at the BJ23–BJ30 input signals.
  • The DS200TBCBG1A features a total of 36 inputs, including 14 3-wire RTD inputs and 22 inputs for milliamp transducers.


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