3500-60 – Temperature monitor module – UNUSED

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MPN: 3500-60

Manufacturer: Bently Nevada

Series: 3500


Product Description:

  • 3500-60 is a Temperature Monitor Module Manufactured by Bently Nevada under 3500 Series..
  • The 3500-60 modules offer six channels of temperature monitoring and receive temperature inputs from both thermocouple (TC) and resistance temperature detector (RTD) devices.
  • The modules conditionally compare these inputs to user-programmable alarm setpoints.
  • With the use of the 3500 Rack Configuration Software, the user may configure the modules to take RTD or TC temperature readings.
  • There are varieties of several I/O modules that are RTD/TC non-isolated or TC isolated.
  • Channel-to-channel isolation of 250 Vdc is provided by the TC isolated version to protect against outside interference.
  • Temperature monitors must be placed next to one another in groups of three in a Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) system.
  • The system uses two different voting methods when set up in this way to guarantee accuracy and prevent single-point failures.
  • Nominal Power consumption of 3500-60 is 7 watts.

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