531X305NTBANG1 – Terminal Board 5010 ACDC 2000 – UNUSED

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Manufacturer: General Electric(GE)

Series: 531X


Product Description:

  • 531X305NTBANG1  is a Terminal Board 5010 ACDC 2000 Manufactured by General Electric Under 531X Series.
  • This terminal board was created as a replacement drive and exciter board in the 531X series.
  • The card has relay and serial outputs, analog I/O, power supply, and encoders as capabilities.
  • 531X305NTBANG1 is able to create both regulated and unregulated power supply when it is installed.
  • While unregulated supplies might rate at 24 VDC or 125 VAC, regulated supplies rate at 5 VDC and 15 VDC.
  • The onboard jumpers can be used to configure encoders with voltage ratings of 5 V and 15 V.
  • Seven relay outputs, made up of either form A or form C outputs, are also included on the board.
  • Each relay’s contacts are rated for 120 VAC. The four on-board potentiometers can also be used to scale low-level analog I/O.
  • The 531X305NTBANG1 NTB/3TB terminal board comes with a number of installation requirements.


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