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Manufacturer  :  GENERAL ELECTRIC

Series: Mark VIe


Product Description:

  • IS220YDOAS1A is a IO PACK, CONTACT OUT SIL Manufactured By General Electric under Mark VIe Series.
  • An acquisition board and a common processing board, both of which are used to support the discrete output functions, make up the majority of this board.
  • This pack’s capacity to manage up to twelve possible relays and take precise feedback from terminal boards is one of its primary features.
  • An associated terminal board will be directly connected to the output from this pack via a DC-37 pin connector.
  • In contrast to simplex redundant applications, where only one I/O pack is needed, TMR redundant applications call for three I/O packs when using the IS220YDOAS1A pack.
  • The IS220YDOAS1A pack may run self-diagnostic tests, one of which is a power-up test that examines the RAM, Ethernet ports, flash memory, and processor board hardware.
  • The ToolboxST application of the YDOA pack will have all the necessary information for this diagnostic.
  • The twelve status-indicating LEDs on the YDOA pack each provide a signal for the presence of a command that can activate the relay; these LEDs are yellow when the outputs are being indicated.
  • Additionally, the IS220YDOAS1A features customized alarms that may be set to signal a range of potential issues.
  • One of the potential alarms is designated as a 142 alarm, meaning that it will sound if none of the fuses have blown or there is no terminal board excitation.
  • Replace the I/O pack or the terminal board entirely to resolve this alert.


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Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 cm


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