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Manufacturer: General Electric (GE)

Series: Mark VIe

Product Type: PAMC Acoustic Monitor (Processor)


Product Description:

  • IS220UCSAH1A is a STANDALONE PROCESSOR MODULE in the Mark VIe turbine control system Manufactured by General Electric.
  • The QNX Neutrino operating system is used by the IS220UCSAH1A. It has a Freescale 8349 CPU running at 667 MHz.
  • The board is powered by a 12 watt, 18-32 V dc power source.
  • Even at its maximum temperature rating, the board can be utilized in temperatures between 0 and 65 degrees Celsius without the need for a cooling fan.
  • IS220UCSAH1A’s front faceplate contains six female jack connectors, one USB port, and a number of LED indicators.
  • This contains LED indicators with the labels Link/Act running down the left side of the front panel and a line of indicators with the labels Power, Boot, Online, Flash, DC, and Diag running down the center of the faceplate.
  • Both network paths are constantly active when two IONet inputs are being used.
  • The functioning I/O pack is unaffected by a failure of either network, which is evidenced by the active network connection.
  • The processor application code contains the functionality necessary for a UCSA to function with one or two IONet inputs.
  • Compared to a conventional hot-backup system, which uses the second port only when the primary port fails, this configuration is more fault-tolerant.
  • The Ethernet ports on the UCSA automatically negotiate between half-duplex and full-duplex operation and speeds between 10 MB/s and 100 MB/s.


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Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 38 × 36 × 32 cm


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