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Series: Mark VIe


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  • IS220PPROH1A is a Backup Turbine Protection (PPRO) I/O pack Manufactured By GE Under MARK VIe Series. 
  • The Backup Turbine Protection (PPRO) I/O pack and related terminal boards provide a backup check for generator synchronization to a utility bus in addition to an independent backup Overspeed protection system.
  • A single-board TMR protection system using a different design inserts three PPRO I/O packs directly on TREA. 
  • The Ethernet connection on the PPRO is used for IONet connections with the control modules.
  • The I/O pack comes with two Ethernet connections, a power supply, a local processor, and a data acquisition board.
  • Aeroderivative Turbine Emergency Trip applications employ the IS220PPROH1A, which is frequently used with the TREAH terminal board.
  • The component identification number and many LED indicators are marked on the front faceplate of the component.
  • Two independent 10/100 Ethernet connections and a fast processor are included in the component.
  • Backup protection is supported when utilizing a TMR main control. All Mark VIe control backup trip boards support this setup.
  • The I/O pack has two Ethernet ports, a power supply, a local CPU, and a data collection board. This design reduces or eliminates most of the previously necessary instrumentation for connecting to field equipment, enhancing operating dependability and saving long-term maintenance costs.
  • The IS220PPROH1A is often used with the TREAH terminal board in Aeroderivative Turbine Emergency Trip applications.
  • The component can be attached to either barrier or box terminal blocks. The item includes field-wiring constraints that limit cable length to 1,000 feet of 18 AWG wire for voltage sensing.
  • The component cannot be auto-reconfigured when converting from a BPPB P-Pack to a BPPC P-Pack.
  • The component id number and many LED indicators are marked on the part’s front faceplate. On the front faceplate, they are grouped in pairs. The first pair is PWR/ATTN, the second is LINK/TxRx and ENET 1, and the third is LINK/TxRx and ENET2.
  • The IR port, which is located at the bottom of the faceplate, is the final component.
  • The component has a high-speed CPU as well as two separate 10/100 Ethernet connectors. The package includes a hardware reset circuit and a watchdog timer. The temperature is monitored using an in-built sensor. 

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