IS200TREGH1A – Turbine Emergency Trip Terminal Board

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Manufacturer  :  GENERAL ELECTRIC

Series  : Mark VI

Title: IS200TREGH1A – Turbine Emergency Trip Terminal Board


Product Description:

  • IS200TREGH1A Turbine Emergency Trip Terminal Board Developed By GE Under Mark VI Series.
  • General Electric created the IS200TREGH1A to function with a VPRO Turbine Emergency Trip Module. 
  • The TPRO/Turbine Protection and TRPG/Primary Trip boards are two additional terminal boards that can be utilized with the TREG model when it is paired with a VPRO I/O Processor Board.
  • The available 125 VDC solenoids are divided into a positive and a negative side, with the TREG model serving as the positive side. 
  • The IS200TREGH1A model will manage the model’s twelve available relays when utilized with the VPRO board. 
  • The VPRO processor’s three trip solenoids will be controlled by three vote inputs made up of three groups of three relays each. 
  • The second TREG board can be linked to the VPRO processor and driven to the J4 connector by the VPRO board. 
  • The IS200TREGH1A model is often applicable to Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) or Simplex systems. 
  • The trip solenoids and J2 power cable connectors on the TREG model’s use in TMR systems will allow the VPRO board to fully manage it. 
  • A trip signal from the J1 connector to the related TSVO terminal board will be added when the model is utilized in a Simplex system; this additional cable will give the TSVO model a Servovalve clamp function upon a turbine trip function. 
  • The TREG and TRPG models function in tandem to regulate the trip solenoids on the VPRO model; while the two models are operating as a unit, either one of them has the capacity to cut power and activate the hydraulics within the Mark VI systems to close the fuel or steam valves.


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