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Manufacturer: General Electric

Series: Mark VI


Product Description:

  • IS200STAOH2A is a GE Simplex Analog Output Terminal Board from the Mark VI series.
  • There are small analog output terminal boards that can be mounted flat or on a DIN rail, such as the Simplex Analog Output (STAO) terminal board.
  • The PAOC I/O pack powers eight 0-20 mA analog outputs on STAO. There is onboard circuitry and noise suppression, same as the TBAO terminal board.
  • For connection to the customers’ devices, the board IS200STAOH2A has high-density Euro-block type terminal blocks.
  • An integrated ID chip for system diagnosis identifies the IS200STAOH2A board to the I/O processor.
  • The I/O pack is connected via a D-type connector, and it communicates with the controller over Ethernet.
  • The Mark VI is a completely customizable control system. The application software is created using in-house software automation tools that choose and integrate well-known GE control and protection algorithms with the I/O, sequencing, and displays required for each application.
  • In specific building blocks, a software library containing general-purpose blocks, math blocks, macros, and applications is provided.
  • The program supports frame rates of 10, 20, and 40 milliseconds. This is the time required to read, condition, and execute application software as well as provide outputs.
  • Internal data transfer inside a single Mark VI control, as well as communications between Mark VI controls and peer GE control systems, are supported.


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