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  • IS200DRLYH1A is a board component for the Mark VI series, Manufactured by General Electric.
  • The Mark VI, a gas/steam turbine management system of the Speedtronic series, is built with a triple modular redundant (TMR) architecture that includes three separate Control Modules, IONets, and power supplies.
  • This board functions as a Simplex Relay Output terminal board, and there is also a wall-mountable compact relay output terminal board.
  • The DRLY board is available in two versions: H1A, which has higher powered relay connections, and H1B, which does not. H1B boards and H1B boards that are UL listed for Class I, Div. 2 Hazardous Locations.
  • IS200DRLYH1A uses a single cable to connect to the VTUR, VCRC, or VCCC processor board and is only available in simplex mode.
  • This board IS200DRLYH1A has twelve form-C dry contact output relays in two lines of six, as well as seven terminal blocks.
  • Six of these 12-screw blocks are placed along the board’s long edges. The last block has two screws for the SCOM connection, which should be as short as feasible.
  • A single green LED and many yellow LEDs are also included on the board. A single cable connection is situated along one of the board’s short edges. There are no jumpers or customizable hardware on the board IS200DRLYH1A. 

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