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Manufacturer: General Electric

Part No.: IC3600VANA1

Series: Mark I & II



  • The IC3600VANA1 is a Printed Circuit Board component for the Mark I and Mark II series of GE’s.
  • The IC3600VANA1 contains eleven integrated circuits, including seven Motorola 7349-46 8411 circuits and one of each of their 7349-46 8343, 7349-36 8422A, 7349-10 8323, and 7349-10 8448 circuits.
  • These circuits are laid out on the board in two parallel lines of four, one of which is bisected by a three-line perpendicular line.
  • The IC3600VANA1 includes twelve transistors, which are organized into four groups of three on the board and labeled Q1, Q2, or Q3.
  • Five ceramic capacitors and eight fixed vacuum capacitors are used on the board.
  • It’s made up of two types of diodes, the majority of which are labeled “CR.”.
  • Metal film and carbon composite capacitors of varied capacitance are used on the board.

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